Here at Merlin Office Equipment, we help businesses across multiple sectors to create happy and productive work environments. As well as providing the latest office furniture and storage solutions, we’re also passionate about office designs that promote efficiency, collaboration and wellness. Here are a few simple tips for transforming individual workstations and the wider workplace to maximise productivity. 

Keep it bright and breezy 

Natural light and fresh air are fantastic additions to any office, plus they don’t cost a penny. Working in a space that has plenty of direct light will work wonders for employees’ mood and productivity levels, whereas fresh air helps to keep us alert and enhances our concentration. By setting up desks so that they’re facing windows, you’ll also improve visibility levels during video meetings. 

Personalise your workspace 

Customisation makes all the difference, so if you’re finding your current setup a little bland, try adding some decoration. Over the years we’ve visited the offices of countless clients who have infused tons of individuality into their workstations, which can take the form of framed family photos, quirky stationery and personalised mugs. 

Make sure it’s always clean and tidy 

Multiple studies have shown that an organised and hygienic workspace helps to support physical and mental health. This can include effective cable management, minimising clutter through a storage system, throwing away rubbish on a regular basis, and cleaning all surfaces with antibacterial wipes each morning. 

Don’t forget to take breaks 

Some people take shorter breaks than they’re allocated or even forget about them entirely. If this applies to you, set an alarm or reminder so that you stand up and look away from your screen at regular intervals. This is also a great opportunity to grab a glass of water and take a nice long stretch, as working at a desk all day can cause stiff joints, cramps and even lethargy, which is counterproductive. 

Add some greenery 

Dotting small plants around your workspace is another great way to improve wellbeing and productivity levels. People can’t help but be cheered up by greenery because it adds extra life and colour to our day, plus it cleans the air in the process. 

Have a catch-up 

Whilst we understand that getting work done is crucial, it’s also very important to promote a company culture founded on open communication and strong employee morale. Even just a five-minute chat with a workmate whilst making a cuppa can improve mood and lead to an increase in productivity. 

Get in touch 

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable, happy and productive. To find out more about how we can support your business, get in touch on 01482 301 000 or fill in our contact form
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