Workplace ergonomics refers to the design and layout of office furniture as a means of preventing strain, fatigue and injuries whilst maximising efficiency, productivity and wellbeing. Though working at a desk may not seem risky, being uncomfortable or having to make awkward movements throughout the day can lead to poor physical health, not to mention regular absenteeism and low levels of morale. 
To help you stop this from happening in your workplace, we supply and install a wide range of ergonomic furniture that’s used in all types of environments, from corporate premises and retail units to hotels, leisure venues, educational organisations, healthcare facilities and construction site offices. Below are some of the benefits that ergonomic design will bring to your business and how Merlin can support you. 

Protect the entire body 

Ergonomic chairs aren’t just about superficial comfort, as they have a much deeper purpose. When you choose from our range of ergonomic seating, you’re making sure that it accommodates the weight and body shape of the individual, which supports their musculoskeletal system in the process. Meanwhile, joints and tissue remain in a natural and neutral position thanks to the chair being adjustable, which prevents stiffness. 

Say goodbye to aches and pains 

If your workplace requires desks, chairs, tables or any other kind of office furniture, it’s crucial that their design caters to the needs of their individual users. Ergonomic furniture takes into consideration multiple factors, including design features that prevent cramped legs and overstretching. When you bear in mind that an uncomfortable desk chair can cause everything from dull aches to the onset of arthritis and even poor digestion, it becomes clear why the right kind of office furniture is so important. 

Boost workplace productivity 

When an employee has a comfortable and suitable workstation, their productivity can receive a major boost. This is because it’s much easier for them to focus on tasks and achieve uninterrupted workflow, which has a significant cumulative effect when every team member has an optimised setup. 

Maximise accuracy and results 

As well as staff getting more done, the fitting of ergonomic furniture throughout your premises will result in fewer errors thanks to a higher quality of work. This is due to the minimisation of stress and discomfort, which in turn leads to increased engagement and precision. It really is amazing what customisable chairs and high-performance desk systems can do for a workplace, as they bring an enormous return on investment from day one. 

Get in touch 

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable and productive at all times. Don’t let substandard chairs and desks get in the way of maintaining a happy workforce, get in touch on 01482 301 000 or fill in our contact form
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