Design your dream home office with Merlin 

With remote working and hybrid working on the rise, we’re proud to offer a wide range of home working solutions to customers across the UK. It may be that your employer is allowing you to work remotely one day a week or perhaps you’re self-employed and need a home office that can accommodate a full-time role without letting you down. Whatever the case, we’re passionate about helping remote workers to create the home office of their dreams. 

Desks, chairs, storage and more 

Whether you’re simply looking for a more comfortable chair or you’re ready for a thorough home office upgrade, we have everything you need to maximise efficiency and productivity when working from home. If you’re interested in creating a home working space that’s every bit as practical, professional and stylish as a traditional workplace, contact our team for expert advice, top recommendations and a first-rate service. 

Ergonomic design for maximum comfort 

When it comes to home working, it’s very easy to simply make do with what you have. However, this can result in your desk, chair and other office furniture causing discomfort and requiring unnecessary strain on your body, resulting in aches, low mood, and potentially more serious physical conditions over time. 
It’s crucial that you treat your home office as a dedicated workspace and give it the attention to detail it deserves, so please do contact us about ergonomic design that will make daily tasks a comfortable and stress-free process. 
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