Why use office screens? 

Our wide range of office screens, partitions and dividers allow you to increase privacy and reduce sound levels between workstations, which is a popular choice in everything from traditional offices and modern creative studios to quiet finance departments and busy call centres. We stock office screens in a range of sizes, styles and colours, so you’re guaranteed to find a solution that will reflect your brand identity. 

Office screens support workplace hygiene 

Office screens have been around for a very long time and are increasingly common since the COVID-19 pandemic. Though everything is back to normal now, many offices and healthcare organisations are using screens as a way to increase hygiene in the workplace, as they create a barrier between desks and help to reduce the spread of viruses. 

Create exciting new work environments 

If your business requires a new department or work area but lacks additional rooms to move into, you can use office screens, partitions and dividers to section off a zone of your existing office. This is a popular option with companies that wish to divide an open-plan office into smaller groups or create breakaway areas and meeting pods. 
The beauty of this solution is that it’s as adaptable as it is cost-effective, meaning you can reconfigure layouts with very little effort as often as required. 
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