Maximise comfort, workflow and productivity 

As a leading UK supplier across a variety of sectors, we have a vast range of office furniture in a selection of styles, including bespoke designs. From commercial premises and classrooms to hotels and laboratories, Merlin is your one-stop shop for consultancy, space planning, and the supply and installation of all kinds of workplace fixtures. 

The importance of ergonomic design 

The creation of an ergonomic workplace is all about keeping employees productive without having to worry about aches, pains and twinges. We’re proud to supply a wide range of ergonomic furniture that’s used in all types of office environments, which helps people to stay safe, healthy and happy whilst delivering their best work. 
We also have a variety of equipment specifically designed for laboratories, educational organisations, healthcare facilities and construction sites. By choosing the right kind of workplace furniture, your teams can work in comfort as well as in style, plus we can even organise the furniture’s layout and install it all for you. 


From the latest styles of contemporary furniture to more traditional designs, we guarantee that we have office solutions to suit your brand. No matter the size of your premises, we ensure that we can design and organise your workspaces so that they inspire and motivate your employees on a daily basis. 


Our range of modern educational furniture is designed to support the learning needs of all students, as well as accommodate the requirements of teachers and non-teaching staff members. Here are a few examples: 
Pupil tables and chairs 
Teacher desks and chairs 
Stools and other seating 
Lockers and storage solutions 
Racking shelf systems 
Exam tables and trolleys 
Height adjustable tables 
Dining benches and canteen furniture 

Hotel & Leisure 

Our hospitality furniture will leave a lasting impression on your guests and meet all of their needs. Simply contact our team and we’ll discuss the aesthetic and atmosphere that you want to create, followed by expert recommendations on how to make it happen through stunning furniture such as sofas, bar stools, tables and reception desks. 


We believe that every vision should be given the attention to detail that it deserves. That’s why we provide in-depth consultancy and discuss your needs for both now and the future, allowing us to transform your workspaces and ensure that they deliver peak levels of safety, efficiency and performance on a long-term basis. 
We’re committed to combining a superior service with affordable prices, giving you the flexibility and freedom to create a motivational and energising workspace while ensuring that your project is on budget and on time. To find out more about how we can deliver expert services whilst protecting your cash flow, take a look at our finance options. 


From GP surgeries and walk-in centres to hospitals, hospices, dental surgeries, care homes and other healthcare facilities, our workplace furniture will brighten up your surroundings and create a welcoming environment. Merlin provides space planning and bespoke solutions for the NHS and private institutions alike, making us your go-to supplier of healthcare furniture. 


Our high-quality laboratory furniture creates the perfect setup for research and development, testing, innovation and learning. Every unique requirement can be accommodated, ensuring that your labs remain a safe place to work where workflow, communication and collaboration are unrestricted. 
Working alongside a number of leading laboratory manufacturers, we are able to offer a wide range of fully fitted laboratory furniture. 
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