Hello from the team at Merlin Office Equipment! We’ve had a busy couple of months putting together this brand new website, which has been designed to give you a better feel for what we do and help you to choose the most suitable office solutions with confidence. 
Whether you’re upgrading an existing workspace, developing a coworking hub, looking to enhance a learning environment, or want to kit out your home office with the very best furniture, we’re here to help! 

Creating positive work environments 

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, from small start-up businesses, established SMEs and large multinational corporations to educational establishments, healthcare organisations, and individuals who have embraced the modern hybrid way of working. What they all share in common is the goal to create a comfortable, inviting, safe and productive work environment, which is where the right kind of office furniture has a significant impact. 

Ergonomic working 

We only supply and install the very best workplace furniture, which includes chairs, seating, desks, tables and a variety of storage solutions. Each one plays a role in physical health and mental wellbeing, as sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours on end or having to stretch in an awkward way to reach something can lead to aches, pains and other health problems. 
That’s why all of our office solutions are of the highest quality and designed to make everyday office life a stress-free process. From ergonomic workstation chairs and desks to welcoming seating for breakout sessions, we have everything you need to create the perfect workplace. 

Workplace design services 

Did you know that we don’t just supply and install workplace furniture, as we can also visit your premises and determine the best office layouts? This can genuinely transform the way your organisation operates, as everything will be laid out in the most logical, safe and efficient way so that daily tasks and meetings are optimised. 
Our workplace design service also takes into consideration the flow of people, the need for privacy in certain departments, and ways to maximise communication where required. The result is each workspace being perfectly designed for individuals as part of a larger system that facilitates easy access, movement, storage and collaboration. 

Stay inspired! 

This blog will share monthly updates, such as tips, advice and how-to guides that will help you to increase efficiency, safety and workplace morale, as well as updates from our team members. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram too so that you never miss a post. 

Get in touch 

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable, happy and productive. To find out more about how we can support your business, get in touch on 01482 301 000 or fill in our contact form
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