Did you know that as well as supplying and installing a wide range of office furniture, we can also design office layouts around your exact needs and preferences? This highly detailed service ensures that multiple factors are integrated into every area of your workplace, such as efficiency, communication, comfort, accessibility, wellbeing and brand identity. 

Choosing your office layout 

The largest decision is what style of office layout will work best for your business. Typical examples are fully open-plan offices versus those that are segmented into specific areas or departments. If you go for an open-plan arrangement, there are also the options of designated workspaces or a hotdesking setup, which will affect where some equipment is stored. 
For instance, if your administrator has their own desk, it makes sense for them to be close to the photocopier and office supplies. Similarly, some businesses prefer their finance and HR departments to be in a separate area for confidentiality purposes, whereas your marketing team is most probably better located at the heart of the action. 
We can help you to make these decisions and plan your office layout to a tee. This includes ensuring that there’s plenty of space for movement of people and supplies, which prevents disruptions, delays and accidents. 

Designing spaces around technology 

It’s also important to consider the hardware used by each member of staff when choosing office furniture and planning its layout. Chances are that most of your team members will need a desktop computer and a phone, which require plenty of space so that there’s also room for writing notes by hand and other manual jobs. However, some employees may have a two-screen setup whereas others may just use a laptop, in which case different styles of desk may be more appropriate. Then there are those who prefer a standing desk, in which case we can help you to explore your options. 
By taking the time to analyse what each team member uses during a typical working week, together we can optimise workflow through clever details that fuel productivity and employee engagement. Then of course there are all of the cables that go with the tech, which really add up when you include things like printers, shredders, water coolers, desk fans, mobile chargers, and so on. The key here is to incorporate clever cable management into every workstation, which will prevent messy wires and potential trip hazards. 

Don’t forget the storage 

We then need to consider storage solutions, which differ according to the unique nature of each role. Your accounts team will probably have a lot of paperwork that needs filing even if they use accounting software, whereas your designers may ask for bookshelves for stacking inspirational material and design guides. 
Likewise, your IT department will doubtless have lots of gadgets and gizmos that need to be properly stored nearby, and it’s crucial that your office apprentice doesn’t spend all of their time searching for paperclips and staples. But don’t worry, as our office layout design team will make sure to factor in even the smallest details when creating your ideal office space. 

Upgrade your office with Merlin 

Interested in modern, ergonomic and fully tailored office layouts and designs? We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable, happy and productive. To find out more about how we can design office layouts that perfectly suit your exact requirements and increase workflow, get in touch on 01482 301000 or use our contact form
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