Here at Merlin Office Equipment, we’re huge advocates of employee mental health. In addition to individual wellbeing being very important, having happy team members also brings multiple benefits to a business. In this blog we’re looking at why identifying stress and finding ways to reduce it in the workplace is crucial to businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Workplace stress can lead to other health problems 

When a worker is stressed, especially for a prolonged period, they may also begin to suffer from any of the following: 
• Anxiety, depression and a sense of being overwhelmed 
• Headaches, sore eyes and a lack of concentration 
• Disjointed sleep and insomnia 
• Back pain and chronic aches throughout the wider body 
• Weakened immunity, which can quickly lead to additional health issues 

How workplace stress can affect a business 

Stressed workers also means a high risk of multiple types of negative scenarios that could easily be avoided if a mental health policy is in place. Below are some examples of what can happen when team members feel unnecessarily under pressure. 
Reduced productivity and more mistakes 
Increased instances and longer periods of absenteeism 
Low morale spreading throughout your teams 
A detrimental effect on your brand’s reputation 
Harder recruitment processes and lower employee retention 
Higher costs, especially if staff are away for lengthy periods 

The role of kindness in the workplace 

Giving your employees challenges is one thing, and putting them under constant pressure is another matter entirely. A challenge can take an individual or team out of their comfort zone, which encourages creativity, innovation and initiative; stress, on the other hand, is a warning sign that people are overworked or lack access to the right support or resources. 
The best way to rectify this is by spreading kindness throughout the workplace, which can take multiple forms: 
Show gratitude: When staff know that their work is valued, they naturally feel more valued in return, which helps to reduce stress levels. 
Supply healthy snacks: Buying fresh fruit for the office really can work wonders, as it keeps employees energised and boosts their immune systems. 
Recognise achievements: When an employee or a team accomplishes something major, it’s time to show recognition in whichever way you believe is most suitable. 
Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries: Depending on the size of your workforce, this could be anything from cake and balloons to treating everyone to a delicious lunch. 
Be there for them: Managers who make it clear that they can be approached with problems build more trust than those who consider it to be someone else’s job. 
Lead by example: Saying hi to colleagues when you arrive at work, getting to know your staff’s interests, a patient manner and general politeness go a very long way in enhancing how a company operates. 
Think about your office furniture: Ergonomic chairs, desks designed around high performance and welcoming breakout spaces each play a role in preventing discomfort and helping to motivate people, which can significantly to reduce workplace stress. 

Upgrade your office 

We create positive workplace environments that ensure your staff are comfortable, happy and productive. To find out more about how we can support your business, get in touch on 01482 301 000 or fill in our contact form
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